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October 16, 2017


Copenhagen based lifestyle magazine Kinfolk (est. 2011) has released their third book in the Kinfolk series: The Kinfolk Entrepreneur. It is a carefully created coffee-table book for those looking for inspiration, tips and advice what makes the wheel go round of successful entrepreneurship, how visionary ideas take root and ripen into careers. 


The Kinfolk team visited the workspaces, factories, or homes of over forty business owners to find out about their visions, partnership, community and valuable lessons. In the four chapters is explored how the professional pursuit of meaning and passion can motivate both personal success and a balanced quality of life. 


Now on sale at Shreeji Newsagent on 6 Chiltern street in Marylebone, London.




Title: The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

Author: Nathan Williams and the Kinfolk team

Hard cover

368 pages

GBP 27.99


Index of the book 

Part 1: A Single Vision 

Part 2: The Power Of Partnership 

Part 3: Creating A Community 

Part 4: Tips 




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